Tie bonding

Tie bonding
Magyar nyakkendőkötés Angol nyakkendőkötés

Kívácsi vagy, hogy mennyit kell enned, hogy csökkenjen a testsúlyod?

Ties knot types

Although many of the neckties each day of work as their assets, most of them only rarely, say, weddings bear. Occasionally, however, almost certainly will need it, so the conclusion is certainly worth to take time to learn!

Maybe not new to say, but there are several types of tie bonding technique. There are more simple and more complex. The main difference is generated as a result lot of the look lies. Beginners should learn a tie-bonding technique, and it is well begyakorolni. Going to vary from different ancestral ties between the nodes. (For example, a simple knot, half-Windsor, Windsor, cross-lot, small lot, double bond)

The conclusion of the tie has many versions, choosing to consider the width of the tie, and our body shape. Wide tie, or if more petite preferred the smaller clumps, thin body build stronger ties or event may make a large knot like. the cross-linking or the double bond. For beginners we recommend a simple knot, whose conclusion is easy to learn.

A simple tie knot

Copy button on the top shirt button and roll over the tie. Right hands in the end, the long left-hand part of the brief transfer to the longer their lifting as long as you can, preferably in the narrow part of the bond. Drag and drop below it, and then across the front. This will be the upper part of the node has. Plug in between, pull over and above what we have to cross, pull over to the end. Straighten out, check the length. The rear slip it in your shirt.

Tip: If you are not at all the tie-faring conclusion, you will rarely need to do so, so resort to more "action"! One will surely find someone who can tie concluded. Joints to tie it all, and if you do not extract out the knots, but as it is bound to put the ties. So any time you are taking any of them, and do not need to bother dressing. ;)

Some bonding techniques


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